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Gone are the days of dermatology practices advertising in telephone books and newspapers. In fact, it is fairly certain most people do not even use or even own a telephone book these days. Businesses that truly want to make an impact need to acquire the knowledge of how to command and make their presence felt on the web. This is not as straight forward as putting up a website. There are practices that a company needs to utilize in order to make their website not only appear in searches but also draw the customers to want to enter their site and stay on it.
Statistic say that the average person searching the web will only stay on a page for approximately 20 seconds. If they do not find the information they are looking for easily, they will leave the site and look elsewhere. Therefore, grabbing the user’s attention and keeping them on the company’s site is vital to a dermatology marketing plan.
There are several things that a successful website must have that will pay off later when trying to increase the sites ranking in search engines. The first thing is loading speed. It is vital that your site load quickly and work properly. Clients will not wait patiently for a slow loading page. Just as people will not stay on a page where they can not find information, they will not wait around for a slow loading website.
Next there is something called a fold in a website. This is where the page meets the bottom of most computer screens. A well-designed website will have most of the important information before the bottom of the screen or fold, so the client doesn’t have to scroll down. In addition to this, credibility is essential to promoting your dermatology practice through your website. Having awards or better business bureau credentials visible to potential clientele using the website gives integrity. It also goes a long way in making your business appear relevant and trustworthy to search engines when ranking your website.
The World Wide Web is very competitive and there are many company’s vying for the consumer’s attention and to grow their own dermatology practice. So how does a company grab the user’s attention and keep it? First thing is to remember that the website is the face of the company. It represents the business, so it must present a good appearance that is not only attractive and appealing to the eye but easy to navigate. When an individual enters the site, the navigation should be very obvious and easy to use. There are other tools that can help boost business and make a business’ presence on the web relevant.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect of getting your website and company advertising out to the public. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about how people search for your site and getting your site rank to appear in the first items that appear in an individual’s search. Special algorithms scan the information on every website to determine if the information is relevant to the search question. You want to implement items into your website that will make it appear within the first website a search engine produces when a user is searching. There are several factors that search engines look for when ranking and pulling up websites to suggest to those people searching.

Quality Content Writing for Ranking in the Search Engine

Content or the words in your website are just about the most important element to SEO. While you do not want to make the content on your site “too wordy” because people surfing the web usually will not pause long enough to read lots of text, you do want to make it catchy and brief to show what your practice is all about. As a dermatology practice that focuses on skin care, Botox-fillers and laser treatments, the website needs to bring attention to these specific treatments but in a way that is different and unique from anything else on the web. Too much content will have users clicking away from the site. A good website has visual elements such as videos and pictures.

While its important not to overwhelm the user with text, it is vital to have keywords within the content. These keywords are the phrases that people are inputting when they are searching for a specific topic or website. In the case of dermatology, it would be important to have keyword such as skin care, Botox-fillers and laser treatments within the content, not just once but several times. It is also important to have these topics in page headings. This helps the search engine not only find the website but rank it higher because it believes that it is compatible with the search. Practices trying to advertise their business really need to know what phrases people are using to search for them and use those phrases within their content.

It is also important to update the website frequently. Adding content to a website gives the website relevance and increases it’s ranking in the search engine. However, be careful not to duplicate information. The search engine can also reduce your ranking for practices that it feels are unethical. Some people will try to trick search engines into giving their site a higher ranking. Search engines are not easily fooled and can pick out practices that are unprincipled. Using unethical practices can get your site listed as spam or unsafe.

Other Important Factors

There are other important factors that effect a website’s ranking in a search engine, such as links and if the site is mobile friendly. Search engines will give a higher ranking to sites that are able to be rendered in mobile devices. Links from the company website to another website and vice versa are important because they make the website appear trustworthy and reliable. Search engines can also lower rankings of those sites trying to trick it into thinking their sites are more relevant. These violations can occur in different ways such as meaningless text, using keywords too many times, and having too many ads.

Meaningless Text

While you don’t want to overwhelm the user with too much text, you do not want to underwhelm them either. Meaning, the content written for the site should be meaningful and have substance. Believe it or not search engines can detect content that is just fluff. They will lower a site’s ranking for not having authentic text that does not represent what the site is all about.


Using Too Many Keywords

This is known as “Keyword Stuffing.” People will sometimes try to trick search engines into giving their site a higher ranking by adding their keywords in to the text over and over again. While adding the keywords is important, over doing it will earn the website a lower ranking. It also doesn’t look professional to those using the website. You should only use the keywords about 5 times within a large amount of text. Anymore than this is overkill and can earn your site a violation from the search engine and lower your ranking.

Too Many Ads

As a dermatology practice this probably will not apply to your website. In some cases, dermatology practices will participate in an affiliate advertising program. This is where you allow advertising on your site from another website that has an ad for your site on their website. The mistake many make on their websites is to have too many ads and overwhelm the user. This takes away from the content and will also lower your ranking on the search engine.


SMO-Social Media Optimization

Social media has become an advertising giant. It is imperative to the success of a business to have a presence on social media in order to drive potential customers to their website and their business. Social media optimization is an increasingly important part of search engine optimization and it is used more and more in weighting the rank of a website in search engines.
Businesses can use social media to bolster their business. By putting their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + gives business a chance to woo new clients and present a positive face. Social media creates a reputation for your website. It gives your dermatology practice an opportunity to actively engage with an audience and put information about what your company offers out to people who might be interested. Social media is a worldwide phenomenon that infiltrates every class and culture.

Establishing a Presence on Social Media

First thing a business needs to acquire a social media account on various platforms to establish their presence and push clientele to their website and their physical business. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

The first step to having a presence on social media is to have social media links on the website. This will allow visitors to the website to share any information on the website that they find interesting to their own social media page. This makes it easy for individuals to share information about your business among friends. Making it easy for people to share information about your business is crucial to growing your business.

It is also a good practice to have the ability to ask visitors to the site to become subscribers to your site. This opens up the opportunity to engage new business and put forth new information to anyone interested in your business through email in the form of a newsletter or through social media in the form of posts.

It is important that a website have the sharing icon (buttons) for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram. This allows users to share your content and bring others to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can draw new clientele from likes and comments to post made by the company itself or by those shared by users from the website. Dermatology practices can also have paid advertisements that are featured on social media. These advertisements are what brings new interest and new clients to your website and your business. These advertisements appear as sponsored posts that appear within the user’s newsfeed. They put your business out there and encourage social media users to visit your social media page and from there, your website.
The object of having your company on social media is to bring awareness to what your company does and generate new business. To accomplish this a company needs to be able to find out who their potential customers are and engage them in a unique and genuine way that peaks the users interest and persuades them to investigate the company and what it has to offer.
Companies want to make sure that the posts they place on social media are things that are likely to be shared and spread around. These posts should be brief and easy to read. Something that gets viewers’ attention but do not take an in ordinary amount of time to read. Such as “Top 5 Anti-aging Tips”, “Will Botox Work for You?”, “What is Laser Treatment?” or “7 Best Skin Care Products”. These posts can be self-promoting and will intrigue potential clients to read, possibly investigate your website and also share the post too others, who might also visit your website.
It is important to also communicate through social media with potential clients. Replying to comments and liking shared posts are ways to alert people to your presence and create a relationship that will lead to further communication and possible business. It is not wrong to ask social media users for likes and comments, which will make your posts appear more frequently, as long as it is done in a professional manner. Many businesses do this just to get more presence in places like Facebook. However, it is the approach that matters.
The real purpose of using social media for advertising your company is content sharing. You want to get the people who are already following your company to share your post and content to those who are not following. This can do so much to generate new subscribers and customers. People tend to gravitate toward positive posts shared by others.
One dermatology practice received a large following on social media by posting videos of skin treatments such as pimple popping. As gross as this sounds, it was a resounding success. This practice got a great deal of attention and clientele from making a name for themselves on social media. The idea is to make meaningful post that appeal to viewers of social media that will entice them to share with their friends and visit your website.

The Importance of Google My Business Listing

Let’s face it, Google owns the world wide web. Even the name for searching for something is called “googling.” Naturally, it goes without saying that you want your company’s website recognized by this internet giant. It is really important to a cosmetic dermatology marketing plan to have a Google My Business listing. Google can provide you with unique tools for attracting new clients in your area, looking for a dermatology practice that focuses in skin care, Botox fillers and laser treatments. It can also provide your website with feedback on how it is being used by people who view your site.

Welcome to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must have for your cosmetic dermatology marketing. It is a comprehensive breakdown on what is happening to your website such as how many people visit your site, what pages they view most, how long they stay on your site as well as other important information. You might wonder how this will improve your dermatology practice. It improves it by helping you know what is or isn’t working with your website. As mentioned before, your website is the face of your practice. If your clients are clicking on your site and then very quickly moving on, you know that your site either isn’t user friendly or the information simply isn’t catching their eye and making them want to explore. It allows you to use the feedback from Google Analytics to build a better website that will keep clients on your site and create business.
Having your dermatology practice listed in Google My Business Listing also gives your business credibility. Credibility is important because it makes the customer feel like they are bringing their business to a trusted establishment. Creating the feeling of trust in a client begins in their search and ends in your office. It is so important to make a potential client feel comfortable with their decision to do business with you. Having a reputable partner like Google adds to this for the client.
Google My Business Listing also puts your best face forward on Google Maps. Google Maps isn’t just for navigation anymore. Many people use it to find businesses and Google provides a brief synopsis of those businesses that are part of Google My Business Listing. It provides users with a phone number and a link to your website as well as your hours. This gives your business an edge over the competition.
Google My Business Listing also has an interface with Google +. Google + is a growing social media outlet and having a presence on it should be a part of your dermatology marketing idea. This is not only a place to promote your dermatology practice, this is a place where clients can leave positive reviews and talk up your business. These reviews will show up when other potential clients search for your practice. Word of mouth is and will always be the most authentic and powerful way to earn new clientele. These days reviews are everywhere and on every platform. People trust other people’s opinion about their experience, especially in health care. If your looking to increase your business and build your practice, having positive reviews from clients who already use your practice is essential to earning new business.
Google also has a platform called Google Adwords to create ad campaigns. Having a dermatology ad appear on one of Google’s other local sites or Google’s search engine can also generate new business. These ad campaigns are strategically setup to target those people who are within your area and looking for dermatology services. It draws clients to your website and your business.

Putting it All Together

In the end it is not just one thing that will make your dermatology marketing plan a success. It is comprised of many steps that need to be carefully planned out. Realizing that your website and social media can be the most important tool you have for advertising and to bring in new business is crucial to implementing your marketing plan. Working with the principles in search engine optimization to make your website rank higher and user friendly will put your website in the potential clients search results. Creating a presence on social media with social media optimization will create new connections to possible clients and create advertising opportunities. Finally, adding your business to Google My Business Listings will help you make the most of your website and presence on the web.