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Local SEO Services

The cell phone has changed the world...and the search industry! Today over 51% of all searches are locally specific.

RxMedia’s local SEO services will put your business on the map. We strive to get your business featured in what is commonly called "The 3-Pack" more often and for more keywords!
Get Found on Page 1 of Google

Local-Focused Keyword Strategy

RxMedia will research and select calculated keywords based on search volume, commercial visibility, and competitive analysis to deliver customers.

Doctors of Technical SEO

We are experts in finding and ranking high value geo-specific pages to outrank the competition.

SMB Link Building

Our blend of technology, people, and processes provide hyper-focused links that are Google-approved.

Dominate Your Own Backyard

In the 1980’s Miami University had an atrocious football team...but they had a new coach and some new ideas. Rather than trying to recruit talent from around the nation and compete with the Notre Dames and Ohio States, Miami focused on dominating their own backyard. The strategy worked and Miami became a powerhouse winning 5 national championships in the 80’s and 90’s.
RxMedia has taken a page or two out of Miami’s playbook. Rather than trying to compete at a national level for high-value keywords we focus on target markets to craft a marketing strategy that produces wins.
RxMedia’s Local SEO is provides the some of the best local seo services in the medical field. Our team of digital doctors will craft a powerful strategy for your business and drive results. If you are looking to dominate, let’s start by dominating our own backyard.

Special focus on Local SEO

At RxMedia, we understand how important it is for all doctors to reach more patients from their surrounding communities. With Our High Performance Local SEO Strategies designed for doctors, we guarantee to deliver what we promise and we consistently deliver it.

Low-cost  SEO services

The waiting game is over. Launching an SEO campaign with RxMedia includes access to RxMediaAnalytics®, a real-time reporting platform that puts all SEO-data at your fingertips. Log in at any time of the day and see current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and more.

High Quality Work

By setting a data-centric foundation for each campaign, we can granularly track organic traffic revenue attribution through the RxMediaAnalytics® platform. Never guess again is SEO is generating a net-positive return - your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Turn Search Into Sales

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up the budget? Sounds good to us. With RxMedia, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We'll prove our model and you'll see revenue soar.

Why Choose Us for your Local  SEO Services

Get More Patient Appointments From Your Online Presence

Do you want to reach more people in your area when they are searching for a medical service that you offer? Medical SEO is the process of increasing your website’s search engine rankings so that your name or clinic can be found by more patients looking for your medical services. Find out how we can build your organic search performance in SERPs, and avoid algorithm penalties and devaluation.
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What is Doctor SEO Service?
Can you help me reach people in my City?
How much time do you need to rank my website?
What is Doctor SEO Service?
As the terms suggest, it is an SEO service designed to improve search visibility of doctors, medical practices and hospitals. In order to increase search visibility and get more people at your clinic, you need to be very careful in choosing the best Doctor SEO Services provider in your area.
Can you help me reach people in my City?
Absolutely, we can! Our treatment center SEO services have a deep focus on local search engine optimization, Google My Business Optimization and Google Maps Marketing. Our strategy's primary goal is to attract new patients in your city or local community by helping them to discover and learn about your practice.
How much time do you need to rank my website?
The duration required to get your website on top of Google SERP depends on the existing optimization level. Initially, we will examine your website and evaluate the competition in your target market; then, we will make a realistic timeline. We guarantee that you will see positive results in 3-4 months and substantial results in 12-13 months.

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