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The cell phone has changed the world...and the search industry! Today over 50% of all searches are locally specific. Local searches are so prevalent that our grandparents are using it.

RxMedia’s local SEO services will put your business on the map. We strive to get your business to appear in the top three more often, for more keywords!

Broken Link Building

With a strategy focused on identifying and replacing broken links on semantically relevant and highly authoritative domains, RxMedia process is a natural and approved link building methodology.

Anchor Text Optimization

Within the RxMedia link building process, your anchor text portfolio is optimized based on our keyword research - meaning our links generate insane results.

Page-Specific Backlinks

The RxMedia combination of technology and people can acquire hyper-targeted links with Google-approved metrics from new referring domains to any desired page on your website.

Real-time Analytics

The waiting game is over. Launching an SEO campaign with RxMedia includes access to RxMediaAnalytics®, a real-time reporting platform that puts all SEO-data at your fingertips. Log in at any time of the day and see current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and more.

ROI Obsessed

By setting a data-centric foundation for each campaign, we can granularly track organic traffic revenue attribution through the RxMediaAnalytics® platform. Never guess again is SEO is generating a net-positive return - your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Scalable Campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up the budget? Sounds good to us. With RxMedia, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We'll prove our model and you'll see revenue soar.

Total Visibility

The duplicity of the SEO industry is widely known. So how is RxMedia different? We provide a revolutionary level of transparency into our campaigns - from backlink acquisition to on page optimization - so you can trust us to get the job done.

Google is changing and so are we

Introducing new algorithms that spice up the ranking game.

The two ways search engines decide who will be at the forefront of a search engine ranking placement are on page SEO and off page SEO. While on page SEO like content and HTML is visible on your website, there are equally important off site SEO factors doing notable work behind the scenes. In other words, to see real SEO impact links are a reality and a necessity.
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How Does Off Site SEO Work?
What is off page SEO link building?
Why is SEO Link Building Important?
How Does Off Site SEO Work?
Search engines use these links to discover new web pages, and determine their ranking against their competitors. Search engine “spiders” crawl throughout links, reviewing the content and adding it to their indexes. Building an infrastructure of links that are seen by search engines as reputable and relevant boosts the chances of your website ranking high on SERPs or search engine results pages.
What is off page SEO link building?
Link building is the practice of attaining links from other websites that direct search engine robots to your website.Links are the portals that take Google from one site to another.

They are the ticket to ride to your website. And while you know there is incredibly useful content on your website, others (including Google’s robots) don’t. Off page SEO backlinks create a way for Google to understand and properly rank your website based on its authority.
Why is SEO Link Building Important?
Let’s get to the point. Link building is important for your business because it’s a huge factor in qualifying your website as significant and displaying it on Google as such. It’s one of the main tools in off page SEO.

Google’s founder, Larry Page, introduced the concept of PageRank as a tool to measure the quality of a page based on the number of links directing to it, among other factors like keyword use and citations. While this isn’t the only way of ranking sites, effective link building helps to create a reputable online presence for your business. Link building is a stamp of confidence and trust for your company’s persona.
As important as it is to understand link building as an off page SEO factor, it’s important to also understand the misuses of link building and the ways that Google has updated their algorithm to rid search results of undeserved sites.

Google responded and continues to respond to this improper link building with updates that filter out undeserving websites. Improper link building can diminish your progress and associate your company with negative practices.
"Working with RxMedia is fantastic. They're precise in the presentation of approach and results which makes a big difference in small business."
Britt Couston
CEO - CitySwoon
Total Target Keyword Positions Gained
Total Target Keyword Positions Gained
Total Target Keyword Positions Gained

Off Page SEO FAQs

How do I get backlinks?

The first step in receiving backlinks from respected websites is to create great content that site owner’s will want to reference with a link. The next step is promoting your content so that they are aware it is available for reference.

How long will it take to see results?

It usually takes around 4-12 months for measurable results to appear via an off page SEO campaign (when implemented in conjunction with on page SEO). For a full breakdown please see our article How Long Does SEO Take.

What is a quality backlink?

The quality of a backlink is determined by a multitude of factors include page relevancy, anchor text, and page content length. For a full breakdown please see our article What Makes a Quality Backlink.

Is off page SEO alone enough to make a campaign successful?

Off page SEO alone rarely will allow you to rank for the most competitive of keywords. The best practice is always to implement it in conjunction with keyword focused internal site optimizations.


What is Doctor SEO Service?
Can you help me reach people in my City?
How much time do you need to rank my website?
What is Doctor SEO Service?
As the terms suggest, it is an SEO service designed to improve search visibility of doctors, medical practices and hospitals. In order to increase search visibility and get more people at your clinic, you need to be very careful in choosing the best Doctor SEO Services provider in your area.
Can you help me reach people in my City?
Absolutely, we can! Our treatment center SEO services have a deep focus on local search engine optimization, Google My Business Optimization and Google Maps Marketing. Our strategy's primary goal is to attract new patients in your city or local community by helping them to discover and learn about your practice.
How much time do you need to rank my website?
The duration required to get your website on top of Google SERP depends on the existing optimization level. Initially, we will examine your website and evaluate the competition in your target market; then, we will make a realistic timeline. We guarantee that you will see positive results in 3-4 months and substantial results in 12-13 months.

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