How to Promote a Private Medical Practice

Just like any other type of business medical practice must be marketed to ensure that it gets clients. There are a variety of strategies you should include in your medical clinic marketing plan to ensure that you get the most desirable results. Below are some of the things you should consider when thinking of how to promote your medical practice.

Develop a professional website

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center over 72% of adults in the United States have searched for health information online. This means that developing a web presence is key to reaching thousands of people both locally and internationally. A website works like a hub of information where various people can come to get the information they need or to get in touch with your organization’s representatives.

One of the things you should keep in mind is that a professional looking website is likely to attract more attention and win the trust of a majority of people. This is why you are advised to work with a website developer that is highly reputable and has experience in designing professional websites. The site should be user friendly with clear sections that make it easy for site visitors to browse or navigate from one point to another. Your website should be optimized to ensure that it loads fast because most people do not spend too much time on one page while on

most people do not spend too much time on one page while on the Internet. Another important piece of information you should know is that over 40% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that the website you develop should be compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google which operates one of the most trusted search engines in the world has over the past few years encouraged business owners to make their websites mobile friendly because this increases their ranking.

Once your website is live include helpful information regarding your practice. It is worth pointing out that the use of high quality images and videos can be another way of making your site attractive to a majority of Internet users. Audio and visual mediums make it easier for potential clients to get the information they need. Below are some key features of a professional website.

  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It can be updated easily by administrators
  • It is compatible with the latest applications and extensions
  • It is safe and secure from hackers and viruses
  • Offers interactive features such as comment and messaging sections
  • It loads fast enough to allow users to move from one section to another within seconds
  • It has a professional outlook
  • It offers sharing features making it possible for users to repost on social media channels
  • It offers relevant content at all times
  • It is updated regularly
  • It is optimized to rank highly on search engines

Create quality content for your site

When it comes to marketing strategies for a medical practice content is king. Whether you wish to post it on your social media pages or website it is absolutely important for you to come up with quality articles or blogs. Well written content is quite engaging meaning it will capture the attention of site visitors and provide information that can be acted upon. The need to come up with quality content stems from the fact that search engines rarely rank poorly written content. It is also true that most Internet users spend less than two minutes on one particular page which is why all content must be easy to read and understand.

As a medical practice you should only formulate content that is relevant to this field. The information provided should give readers some of the dangers they are faced with and benefits of working with your particular firm. Information such as the costs of treatment, medical services available and possible treatment options can be some of the things you include in your content. Keep in mind that over 90% of online searchers have not yet made up their mind regarding the service they want to use. By sharing as much information as possible you will actually be convincing these individuals to subscribe to the services or products you have to offer. Below are some of the features of quality content.


1. Quality content is original

The last thing you want is to publish content that is already live on another website. Not only will this practice turn away users it also forms ground for being banned by major search engines. Duplicating content and publishing it as if you are the original creator is unethical which is why all content must be original. Of course you can carry out research to find out what your competitors are doing before you create your own original copies. Original content is likely to get higher ranking on search engines. If you do not know how to create content for your website the best thing to do is outsource the work to professionals who have experience in content creation.


2. Strong headlines are important

Research published by Copyblogger indicates that 80% of people who come across your website in one way or another will ultimately read through the headlines. However, it is only about 20% that will go deeper into reading the content published. Coming up with thought provoking headlines is the key to sparking interest in your readers and pulling them in to further explore what you have to say. Most expert content creators actually write down a few headlines before selecting the most appealing. Indeed headlines have the ability to increase your website traffic or reduce it depending on how you go about it.

3. Content must be actionable

It is one thing to create interesting content and a totally different thing to persuade your audience to take the next step. Compelling content often shows readers what their problem is and how they can find a solution. However, to convert traffic into sales you must be able to provide a way for the readers to access your services or products. Quality content does not disrespect readers by telling them what to do but rather gives advise on how the information shared can be used in a practical manner. Such content also gives readers direction on how to get in touch for further consultations.


4. Should have answers

When an individual goes online and enters a search query he or she ultimately wants an answer. That is why the content you develop should be able to give clear answers to most commonly asked questions. Content for marketing a medical practice should include answers to issues such as treatment options, costs of treatment and remedies for ailments. It is equally important to add that people seek quick answers when they read through blogs or articles which is why the answers you provide should be clear and concise.

5. All information must be accurate or factual

A website or article that is written for health related issues must always be accurate. Writing any information that is inaccurate can lead to catastrophic results because readers actually take all the information they get from that website as being absolute truth. Imagine publishing an article that is full of inaccuracies only to end up worsening a medical condition that has been ailing a reader. This has the potential of leading to tremendous losses to your medical practice. It is advisable that all information you publish should be factual and ideally should link to a trusted authority in medical matters.


6. Content should be short and concise

Most Internet users spend less than 59 seconds on one page before clicking away to another page. This means you only have one minute to make an impact. By creating content that is short and clear you are likely to take advantage of the one minute you have with audiences. To do this you should create content that has short and clear sections. This makes it easier for readers to peruse through the information. Your content should have subheadings that make it possible for readers to know exactly what each section has to offer. Try to fit as much helpful information as possible within the first 300 words of your content. Note that if your website is of low quality audiences are likely to click away in less than 20 seconds. Other reasons why audiences may click away from your site include spelling or grammatical errors, inaccurate information, irrelevant information and lack of engaging content to read through.

7. Update your site’s content regularly

Creating one or two articles that are full of information is be a good way to get website traffic. However, the gains you make are likely to fade away if you stop publishing new content on a regular basis. To make the most out of your online marketing strategy you must create content on a continuous basis. This will ensure that your audiences get something new every time they visit the site. It is also a good way to cover just about all the aspects of your medical practice. Keep in mind that you may not be able to answer all the questions your audiences have in one or two blogs or articles.


Utilize search engine optimization strategies

Search engine optimization is basically a marketing technique that ensures your site or content ranks highly in search results. This technique makes use of keywords or phrases that most Internet users key into search engines. Some of the main search engines available today include Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines display primary results after web users enter search terms and press the enter button. Primary search results are ranked based on what the particular search engine determines to be relevant to the search query.

Doctors or website owners that develop content with SEO in mind often have their content displayed first. It is important to note that most Internet users only click through the first five or ten results displayed after a search. If your content does not appear on this page the traffic you get on your website may not be as impressive as it should be. It is with this in mind that you should learn about some SEO best practices as a way to beat your competition and increase online traffic to your website.

To stay ahead of the competition you are encouraged to play by Google’s rules. This is because in 2017 alone this search engine accounted for close to 79% of all global desktop search traffic. Google search has clearly won the trust of a majority of people meaning if your medical practice ranks highly on it you will definitely get a lot of traffic to your site. In the same year Bing accounted for a mere 7.27% while Yahoo had 5.06% of all global desktop search traffic.

Search engine optimization is not just about throwing words into content to gain visibility during searches. Instead the keywords or phrases you use should be incorporated in content that is relevant to your medical practice. If you develop content that is irrelevant it will probably rank low regardless of the keywords or phrases you use.

A particular mistake that content developers make is stuffing keywords as a way of increasing their online visibility. SEO experts advise people to create content and include keywords in a natural manner. This is likely to make it easier for site visitors to grasp the information available. Google bans content that is filled with keywords at the expense of providing helpful information to Internet users.

Social media optimization

The social media has been one of the most impactful of Internet advancements. Millions of people from across the globe use different social sites to share videos, pictures and information. At the beginning of 2018 statistics showed that over 2.2 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis. Youtube has over 1.5 billion monthly users while Instagram has over 800 million monthly users. Other social sites have also been experiencing a surge in users with Whatsapp recording about 700 million monthly users while Twitter has 330 million monthly users. For any business owner wishing to grow their practice these numbers cannot be ignored. Taking advantage of these sites to capture the attention of potential clients can be key to growing your practice exponentially.

Having a presence on social media is wise. However, by including social media optimization best practices you are likely to go ahead of the competition and increase sales. This strategy makes it possible for you to generate helpful leads, increase online visibility, connect with potential clients at a personal level and strengthen your brand. It is equally important to note that 50% of companies that are not succeeding in search engine optimization have failed to incorporate social media optimization into their marketing strategy. In essence the use of SEO together with SMO is absolutely important in medical marketing for doctors.

In social media optimization you have to put your focus on the internal search function within each social network and Google search. Whenever you create content or share a video you should include keywords that are likely to meet the criteria set by Google search or the particular social network you are working with. Below are some of the tips to keep in mind when optimizing your social media pages.

1. Keep content interesting and shareable

One of the most important things for you to keep in mind is that all content should be engaging to readers. If possible publish some controversial issues and invite your audience to debate about the points that are raised. All the details you include in your content must remain relevant to your field of practice and must be relatable to potential clients. Use proper grammar and sentence structure to avoid upsetting your readers. Always proofread your work before publishing because this is the best way to eliminate minor errors that may end up damaging your professional image.

The last thing you want is to put up a social media page only to leave it dormant for a week. Experts agree that web pages that are updated on a regular basis tend to get more hits. This is because audiences look forward to learning something new whenever they pay a visit to your site. Make posts on a daily basis and encourage your audience to share information that is published. This will ultimately increase traffic to your site and boost sales. Adding media rich elements to your content is another way of keeping it engaging and interesting. High quality images and videos tend to get a lot of attention which is why you should take advantage of them. The general rule of thumb here is that the more your content is shared the higher your ranking will be on search engine results.


2. Determine the optimal posting times

When it comes to sharing information on the social media you must first determine the best times to do it. Experimenting can be one of the ways to get your optimal posting times. Some business administrators report getting more hits when they post in the evening or during the night while others get more hits when they post their content in the morning or afternoon. It all depends on the preferences of the audience you are trying to reach and their current time zones.

3. Make use of hashtags

Just about anyone that has been using the social media knows how important hashtags are when it comes to promoting business. Hashtags make it easier for people to learn about trending topics while also categorizing social media posts. By finding out about the most popular hashtags in the medical practice you will be able to create appealing posts that will get a lot of hits. You can also use hashtags to find out more about the conversations that are currently popular in your niche. Additionally you should start creating your own hashtags because they have the potential of creating a buzz around any messages you wish to share.


4. Optimize your social media profile

Creating a social media profile should not be taken lightly. The profile offers your clients an opportunity to learn more about what is on offer. To begin you should always use the company name as your username. This makes it easy for just about anyone searching through the Internet to find you. Do not leave the profile photo section empty and avoid the temptation of uploading a personal picture. Instead use your company's logo or an image that is closely related to the medical services you are offering. This is likely to capture the attention of individuals that are seeking medical services. It is important for you to write a bio that is short and precise. Your bio gives more details regarding the services you have to offer. It is equally important for you to link the bio to your professional website. Most social sites allow companies to enter as much information as they wish which is why you should not skip any section of your profile.

Incorporate Google My Business listing into your medical practice marketing plan template

Google My Business listing eases medical marketing for doctors by making their practice visible in local searches. It is worth pointing out that anyone can claim an account with this particular listing. It is completely free and can be setup within a few minutes. Once you enter information including your business name, contact details and location this information will go live on the Internet making it possible for hundreds of people to find you. When filling your information check to ensure that every detail is accurate and up to date. When creating content for this particular listing it is wise for you to follow all the best practices noted in SEO and SMO strategies. Statistics show that 50% of all local searches resulted in actual visits to local business premises within one day.