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Is your marketing strategy making you 🤮? Schedule a free consultation today!
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Your Marketing

Is your marketing strategy making you sick🤮?

Schedule a free consultation today!
Free 45-minute check-up session
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Affordable Digital Marketing Remedy in Portland, OR

Ready to grow your business? Get in touch with us today and tell us more about your business goals at 503-852-5113.

Local SEO

Get your business found for non-branded local searches (such as ‘near me’ searches), personalised searches and geo-targeted searches across Google and mobile devices with our solid technical expertise in SEO Local Optimization

Press Release

Get a na and Local Focused PR Solution That Generates ROI in Portland, OR. We deliver press coverage for any startup! 100% Satisfaction Rate

Linkbuilding Outreach

With our Link-building outreach, all links will be acquired with the goal of generating traffic to a website.

Social Media Marketing

Maximize your business local visibility across your target multiple locations, increasing brand awareness and getting more traffic that generate leads and sales through Social Media Marketing.

Web Design

RxMedia recognizes that every business is different. So we offer a fully customized service that understands the unique needs of your business. We build websites that turn web visitors into new clients.
Straight out of Portland, OR

Digital Marketing is a Science.. Not a Magic Trick!  🔬

Crazy huh!? The old days of snake oil salesman, miracle cures, and voodoo magic are long gone. Digital marketing like medicine should be driven by science and data. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of agencies out there claiming to have some magic potion.
Rxmedia’s approach to digital marketing is driven by what we know works. With over 200 factors in play within Google’s algorithm and a constantly changing digital landscape our digital marketing doctors provide remedies based on the lasted clinical results.
Our Strategy Process Will be Laid Out Step-by-step.
We use data & science to drive results. No mystical arts here. 
We provide detailed reporting analytics and teach what to keep an eye ahead of time.
We can track conversions so you know how RxMedia is driving results

Trusted by top brands for first page results

Not Getting Enough Traffic and Converting Enough Leads?

Get a ROI-Driven Marketing strategy session for your website - and meet our awesome A-team of Marketing Doctors. 🥳
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